SO.G.I.S, the origins:

SO.G.I.S. Chemical Company was founded in 1962 by three local families, already involved in the agricultural and industrial sector, soon joined by an entrepreneur from Parma, important investor in Latin America.
The major of Sospiro at that time, Guastino Guastini, played an important role in the establishment of the Company, as he foresaw the possibilities of local development that this industrial reality could offer to the area.


Born as an engineering firm, after a while SOGIS was turned into a chemical production site, first with the production of Stearic Acid and Glycerol, then with fatty acids and glycerol derivatives.
In the niche market of the oleochemical industry, the strategic position of SOGIS, in a farming area full of cattle breeding, allowed the company to play an important role at an international level, by competing with the Northern Europe Multinational Companies.

The partnership with Baerlocher GmbH
to step up in Europe and Worldwide

The family deals and the generational turnover led to the decision, in 1990, to modify the Company ownership, signing a joint venture agreement with Baerlocher GmbH, world leader in the production of additives for PVC. This partnership is still in place, while Company management is locally rooted.


The streamlining of production activities led to an increase in capacity and to a facilities upgrading, allowing the Company to strengthen on the international markets.

SOGIS today, the green chemistry challenge

SOGIS has recently implemented a pretty intensive program of facilities streamlining and has started up new productions. The Company faces the market being aware that the Italian industry key factor is the fine fabric made of small and medium enterprises, able to create networking and to cope with major economic events.


The launching of European programs aimed at tackling climate changes, fostering the bio-based economy, today also affects the chemical industry. SOGIS is gearing up to face the challenges that the emerging green chemistry rules will enforce, being aware of the switch from an economy based on geology to one focused on biological processes. This revolution – cultural more than industrial – involves all of us.


SOGIS is trying to find new synergies with different production sectors upstream and downstream our activity, developing local value chains according to the principles of the sustainable green chemistry, focused not only on respect for environment, but also looking after economical and social rules.

60% of production is for export

SOGIS is present worldwide. We are able to satisfy needs of a number of customers, ranging from big international companies to small local enterprises in a lot of fields of application: plastic materials, building industry, cosmetic products, pharmaceuticals, animal feeding, biodegradable lubricants, surfactants, drilling, paper industry, leather goods, paints, inks and many others.


Placed in the middle of a crossroads among the most important transport routes in Pianura Padana, SO.G.I.S. hires more than 60 people and feeds many downstream producers.
More than 60 % of SO.G.I.S. production is for export, mainly in EU countries, but also towards Middle East, The North of Africa, North and South America and Far East Countries.

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