Fostering local resources.

territorio_cremona_sogis A company strongly
tied up to the local area.
SO.G.I.S. is a Company strongly tied up to the local area, full of stock farms, and it was born taking the chance to add value to fat obtained from rendering of animal by products from slaughterhouses, implementing a local value chain: fat obtained locally can be turned into highly biodegradable chemical substances.
Slaughterhouses residues that, in case they are not used, could cause disposal problems to the local people, becomes a resource able to add value in the value chain and create local jobs.


Our raw materials  are also vegetable oils produced in the EU and tropical oils but, during the time, we always made use of resources  unsuitable for food and feed.

Green Chemistry,
Sustainable Chemistry.

"We work according to the main Management Systems,
acknowledged by International Organisms"
SO.G.I.S. is an italian firm in joint venture with
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SO.G.I.S. Industria Chimica S.p.A.
Via Giuseppina 132 – 26048 – Sospiro (CR)
Phone 0039 0372 622211
Fax 0039 0372 622290
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