New outlooks in Green Chemistry

SOGIS is a full-fledged oleochemical biorefinery. We develop, produce and sell industrial chemical products and we are strongly local rooted. Born in the early 1960s, in the midst of the economic boom, when meat consumption in Italy started growing, we are located in Cremona area, full of cattle breeding and featured by important agri-food enterprises. An ideal place for seizing the opportunity of taking advantage of exceeding fat coming from the food sector, got from slaughterhouses residues processing, on the example of Northern Europe.

The raw material, coming from a renewable source cheaper than vegetable oils, is turned into highly biodegradable chemical products, giving rise to a niche market, accomplishing, in a sustainable way, the local agri-food supply chain.

Working this way, SOGIS implements a deeply locally rooted supply chain, by applying an innovative know how and using a byproduct, the slaughterhouse residues, that, in case not employed, could outcome in environmental and health problems.

The sustainable green chemistry principle is precisely to be able to turn poor resources, as processing wastes, into added value products, creating local jobs.

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