Since fifty years, SO.G.I.S. produces Fatty Acids, both saturated and not, from animal and vegetable renewable sources, able to satisfy the needs of a number of technical production fields, such as polymers, detergents, candles, paper, abrasives, rubber, textiles, paints, but even industrial applications requiring high production standards, as the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and animal feeding industry. All of our products are suitable for food contact applications.

Our production plants have been recently renewed and upgraded, in order to be able to offer a wider range of products and a top market level quality.


SO.G.I.S. produces Amides obtained from Fatty Acids from renewable sources for a number of markets, such as polyolefins, thermosetting resins, Polystyrene, paper, PVC, ABS, Polycarbonate, asphalt, bitumes, paints and many others.

We are able to supply tailor made products in different physical forms.


SO.G.I.S. has been producing highly biodegradable Esters derived mainly from Fatty Acids from renewable raw materials since a long time.

We are able to satisfy the needs of a number of application fields, such as PVC, other plastic materials, leather industry, synthetic and natural fibers, biodegradable and fire resistant hydraulic oils, metalworking, but also cosmetics, pharmaceutical products, animal feeding, besides many other industry sectors.

SO.G.I.S. is endowed with proper devices to carry out appraisals, in order to answer to the more and more demanding customers requirements in different end uses.


SO.G.I.S. produces a wide range of mono, di e triglycerides, both from animal and from vegetable renewable raw materials, suitable for a number of applications, as polyolefins, PVC, thermosetting resins, rubber, detergents, textile industry, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products, animal feeding.

All of our Glycerides can be used for food contact applications


SO.G.I.S. produces pharmaceutical highly pure grade Glycerol from renewable sources at a concentration higher than 99,5 %.

Our Glycerol is suitable for every technical industry sector, but also for cosmetics, pharmaceutical products, animal feeding. It can be used in every food contact application.


SO.G.I.S. produces Calcium, Zinc and Magnesium Stearates, but also Laurates, Hydroxystearates and other Fatty Acids from renewable sources Salts. Quality of our products, even for applications requiring high performances, is at the top level of the market.

In technical applications, as polymers (mainly polyolefins, PVC, polyamides, PBT, PET), thermosetting resins, building industry, rubber, paints, glues and many others we supply, worldwide, the most important operators on the market, but also small and medium enterprises.

Quality of our metal soaps allows us to supply also cosmetic industry, pharmaceutical industry and animal feeding sector. All of our products are suitable for food contact applications.

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