storia_sogisSO.G.I.S. was established in 1962 by three Italian families. Born as an engineering Company, after a while it turned into a production site, at first of commercial Stearic Acid and Glycerol only, than of derivatives as well (Glycerides, Esters, Amides, Metal soaps). In 1990 SO.G.I.S. signed a joint venture agreement with Baerlocher GmbH, a German Company leader in PVC additives. SO.G.I.S. is present worldwide and is able to satisfy the needs of different type of customers, ranging from big International Companies to small local firms, in a number of application fields, plastic materials, building industry, cosmetic products, pharmaceutical products, animal feeding, biodegradable lubricants, surfactants, oil industry, paper industry, leather, paints and many others.
SO.G.I.S. is placed in the middle of the most important transport routes in Pianura Padana, hires more than 60 people and feeds many important satellite activities.
More than 60 % of SO.G.I.S. production is for export, mainly in EU countries, but also towards Middle East, North of Africa, North and South America, Far East Countries.


Chemistry is essential to life, but it needs to adapt to nature rules, not to distort them.
Our Society is living an historical moment hallmarked by a deep change, turning from an economy based on geology to an economy based on biology. This revolution, a cultural before an industrial revolution, has to be joined by everyone.
We deem we have to establish synergies with all our stakeholders, both suppliers and customers, in order to be able to implement the change respecting nature and life.
We are committed to go on using raw materials from renewable sources, but not intended for human or animal feeding. We believe that a cascade use of raw materials has to be fostered and we are asking for laws promoting a hierarchy of use of renewable resources.
Corporate Policy
For more than fifty years, the choice of a sustainable chemistry
Our products.
"We work according to the main Management Systems,
acknowledged by International Organisms"
SO.G.I.S. is an italian firm in joint venture with
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