Green Chemistry
and use of Renewable Raw Materials

World is facing momentous changes. Demographic pressure, lack of resources, climate changes, desertification do require dramatic shifts in lifestyle and consumption patterns. Chemical Industry has to work within these new scenarios, calling for an in deep knowledge of those issues, awareness and sense of responsibility.

SO.G.I.S. has always been producing chemistry from renewable sources. We endorse a sustainable development model, safe and environmental friend production processes, for the protection of people and environment. Since the beginning, we have been working in Green Chemistry sector. We have joined the Responsible Care program and, on a yearly base, we issue projects aimed at reducing environmental impact and saving resources. We have lately installed a trigeneration plant and revised the energy production system, in order to achieve a consistent energy saving, besides the set up of a new waste water treatment plant, resulting in a further improvement in terms of environmental impact.

Plant installation

Switching from an economy based on mineral oil to one based on renewable sources, to satisfy the need to face climate changes, is driving to momentous changes in the EU and worldwide.

EU is taking the lead, endorsing new economies models and lifestyles and adopting criteria such as circular economy, hierarchy of use and bio based economy.
After having faced law issues related to energy sources, EU is now dealing with waste, besides issuing Norms for Chemical Industry and, in general terms, for having access to primary resources.


Using sustainable
Palm Oil

SO.G.I.S. is using sustainable Palm Oil. The Company has implemented RSPO (Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil) Certification. We carefully follow the development of legislation on rainforest and tropical countries fauna preservation.

A niche market, the one of Oleochemistry, but more and more strategic, thanks to the know how to transform oils and fats in a massive spectrum of chemicals.

Sustainable Green
Chemistry values

Adopting sustainability criteria, fitted for green chemistry, is not only starting from environmentally friendly raw materials: even all aspects related to conversion have to be at low environmental impact, such as processes, waste management, a smart use of energy, reduction of impact on air, water, soil.

Managing a massive quantity of data to address business requires putting in place organizational and managing models. SO.G.I.S. has adopted Certifications ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and UNI EN CEI ISO 50001, besides carrying out statistics in order to get standards to take strategic decisions.

Within the main laws regulating the Chemical Sector, SO.G.I.S. has to comply with:

Regulation 1907/2006/EC (REACH)

Regulation 1272/2008/EC (CLP)



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